Les Caramélisés

Discover and share caramelized almonds, and hazelnuts, roasted coffee beans, pecan nuts caramelized with maple syrup.

> List of ingredients

Dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa BUTTER, SOY lecithin), Milk chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa BUTTER, MILK powder, SOY lecithin), HAZELNUTS (66%), ALMONDS (66%), NUTS, Blond chocolate (cocoa BUTTER, sugar, MILK powder, LACTOSERUM, SOY lecithin, natural vanilla extract), coffee beans (13%), sugar, BUTTER, maple syrup, color (E129). 

Contains the allergens : milk, soy, nuts. 

May contains traces of : gluten, sulfites, eggs.


エクアドル45% キャラメル&海塩ノート
Pure Saint-Valentin

Declare your love and offer Pure Saint-Valentin.

Subtle, light, crunchy, melting ...

The dish is accompanied by milk chocolate pucks and unctuous salted butter caramel as well as dark chocolate pucks and unctuous hazelnut.

Coffrets CCC Cigars, Chocolate, Coffee
Petites Fleurs

サロン ドゥ ショコラ2015で発表された新作「Petites Fleurs」は、まるで春のお花畑のよう!ポップでキュートなお花にフルーツ味のキャラメルやナッツのプラリネをとじこめ、今までとまたひと味違うFGの世界に仕上がっています。ホワイトデーやご卒業、お引越など、イベントの多いこの季節、贈り物にもぴったりです。どうぞお試しくださいませ!

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