Les jouets à croquer

Discover Major and Bilboquet, new original creations by Fabrice Gillotte.

Offer these beautiful Toys in dark chocolate or milk and shine the eyes of small and big greedy!

In their original packaging, the subjects have a specific setting to protect the products during their delivery.

An original gift idea !

Sizes of the subjects: about 23 cm
Unfilled subjects


エクアドル45% キャラメル&海塩ノート
Pure Saint-Valentin

Declare your love and offer Pure Saint-Valentin.

Subtle, light, crunchy, melting ...

The dish is accompanied by milk chocolate pucks and unctuous salted butter caramel as well as dark chocolate pucks and unctuous hazelnut.

レモンの砂糖漬け コートジボアールカカオ 40%
Ours Art Business Oursons guimauve & confit fraise