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Fabrice Gillotte has imagined the most magical of Christmas bears in chocolate ! 
This lovely Santa Claus bear in dark or milk chocolate, is filled with chocolates.
A special box has been made to protect the bear during the transportation.
2 sizes are available on our online shop 

Size 1 - 100 g  - 13 cm - 22 €
Size 2 - 300 g  - 22 cm - 44 €

Creation only available in stores


エクアドル45% キャラメル&海塩ノート
Pure Saint-Valentin

Declare your love and offer Pure Saint-Valentin.

Subtle, light, crunchy, melting ...

The dish is accompanied by milk chocolate pucks and unctuous salted butter caramel as well as dark chocolate pucks and unctuous hazelnut.

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